Luis Narvais III – U.S. Marine Corps, Operation Enduring Freedom

The attacks of Sept. 11 triggered Narvais to join the military so he could make a difference. He hoped to gain travel, experiences and growth for a successful life. Little did he know it was a trip to war, but he was ready to face the devil himself since he felt the end result would be experience and success.

His time as a Marine gave him several memorable moments. “I remember being able to talk about missions around a fire in the middle of Iraq or Afghanistan, and saying that was crazy close and being around long enough to tell our story. But perhaps the most memorable experiences are the times I was called to retrieve a helicopter out of a kill zone and recovering two blown up vehicles in front of me and realizing the guy that was driving the vehicle was my Platoon Honor Grad from boot camp. There were several moments to never forget.”

He says the Marine Corps gave him great experiences and family growth. “The time you spent with the person to the left and right of you on and off the plane became the best experiences of my life and those individuals are now part of my life forever. The family bond that you gain is such a great experience in itself, one that will never be lost or taken from you.”

Narvais was nominated to be a Grand Marshal by his father who is extremely proud of his son’s service. “I spoke to his recruiter at length and mentioned to my son that there was a war going on. He knew exactly what he was getting in to, that he might be put in harm’s way. But he never flinched and said he needed to go. We never anticipated he would be deployed five times, two in Afghanistan and three in Iraq. We were worried sick and afraid and prayed every day for his safe return, for the safe return of all of our men and women. We are so proud of what he has done for his country and are very grateful that he has come home safe and sound, despite some close calls. Luis is a great, loving father and husband, a wonderful brother, a funny uncle, a good friend, a great son and one awesome squared away Marine. Semper Fi,” says Luis Narvais II.

The selection as Parade Grand Marshal was a tearjerker for Narvais III. “This will be the first time I have been able to be home for the event and to be part of it; this is going to be even more special to my family and friends. I am proud to serve for all our Veterans. OOHRAH and Semper Fi. Luis Narvais III lives in Glendale.